• 2nd leadership camp for First Nations
avr. 07, 2016

In an effort to promote healthy eating habits among young people, the FNQLHSSC held two very successful nutrition activities as part of a program offered to adolescents in the leadership camp. The group was composed of 31 boys and girls aged 10 to 14 from various communities across Quebec.


Anne Gagné, nutrition advisor, and Francine Vincent, healthy lifestyles program agent, began by hosting a first activity that involved making a smoothie from the ingredients on a plate (spinach, fresh and frozen fruit, mint, fruit juices, soy milk, lactose-free milk, ginger). The youths were divided into five teams, and gold, silver and bronze certificates were awarded. The judges evaluated team spirit, cleanliness, safety, dietary intake, taste, texture and the visual appeal of the smoothie. The judges were deeply impressed by the youths’ creativity and the great taste of the smoothies.


For the second activity, participants were invited to create a recipe for a healthy snack, which was savoured at the end. Facilitators from the Breakfast Club were there to lend a hand and encourage participation.


Many goals were met on this day, including discovering new foods and ingredients, fostering creativity and the courage to make a smoothie, learning to read food labels, creating a recipe and assessing the nutritional value of foods, all in the spirit of fun and friendly competition.