Projects stemming from the initiative - “Hands-on skills in quality improvement”

Par Chantal Cleary | déc. 14, 2015

In 2014-2015, the FNQLHSSC put in place, in the form of a pilot project, the “Hands-on skills in quality improvement” initiative. Through this initiative, the FNQLHSSC strives to bolster organizational autonomy for risk management and quality improvement, in keeping with the following five objectives:

  • Ensure widespread adoption of the toolkit to improve quality, integrate quality improvement processes and manage risk
  • Form local quality improvement teams with local stakeholders
  • Determine the main quality-related issues and risk factors with respect to improvement targets


  • Finalize and complete a PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle to resolve one of the quality problems, together with local stakeholders


  • Plan the transfer of responsibilities to the participating communities as part of the next steps for quality improvement and risk management


To launch the pilot project, a call for proposals was issued and the communities of Kahnawake and Wendake were retained to participate in this first round of training and personalized accompaniment.


The Kahnawake team chose to work on updating their intervention protocol for fall prevention at the Turtle Bay Elder’s Lodge. As a result, the team created a post-fall intervention protocol, to be used outside of business hours by all (current and future) first-line personnel.


The focus for the Wendake team was medications management, and it developed a grid to screen the risks associated with taking medication for clients in home care. This tool, developed from start to finish by the Wendake team, was in fact recognized as a leading practice by Accreditation Canada and will be available for consultation in the Leading Practices Database on their website.

This year, three communities will receive training and personalized accompaniment as part of the initiative’s second phase of implementation. Last June, the communities were invited, for a second consecutive year, to submit their project proposals, and the projects of the communities of Kanesatake, Kawawachikamach and Kitigan Zibi were retained. The communities are currently working on quality improvement projects that are adapted to their local realities and may soon be able to share the fruits of their labour with other communities. For more information regarding the “Hands-on skills in quality improvement” initiative, contact Kathleen Jourdain, Continuing Care Program Agent, at or at 418-842-1540, ext. 241.