Review of the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program

Par Chantal Cleary | déc. 14, 2015

The NIHB joint review (Assembly of First Nations [AFN]-First Nations and Inuit Health Branch [FNIHB]) [U1] has started a few months ago and is expected to continue for the next two years, that is, until March 2017.

The review process is overseen by a steering committee composed of First Nations members and FNIHB staff. Each benefit area will be examined. The findings and recommendations will be presented to the steering committee for implementation.

The NIHB joint review process objectives are:

•  Enhancing client access to health benefits;

•  Identifying and addressing gaps in benefits;

•  Streamlining service delivery to be more responsive to client needs;

•  Increasing program efficiency.


The communities, health care workers, First Nations clients and service providers will be invited to provide input on each component, as follows:

1. For Quebec, a minimum of five communities will be involved in the revision of the program. The AFN is seeking funding to facilitate regional consultation process. If funding is granted, all the communities will be invited to participate in the review of the program.

2. An online survey found at for all communities, health workers and clients. The FNQLHSSC will inform health directors of the deadlines to complete the survey regarding benefits.

3. Communities or groups of people can submit a written proposal (five pages max.) using the “Submission Guidelines for AFN-NIHB Joint Review.” The procedure and guidelines for submitting your proposal can be found at

4. All service providers dealing with Health Canada will also receive a specific survey.

5. The FNQLHSSC, through the NIHB Regional Advisory Committee, will examine all the benefits of the program in depth and submit a written proposal for each of them.


The FNQLHSSC will send you all the information related to the joint review process as it is available.