Surveillance Plan of Health Status and its Determinants for the First Nations of Quebec

Par Chantal Cleary | déc. 14, 2015

New indicators available on the portal


We would like to inform you that 19 new social and health indicators are now available on the surveillance portal. You can access the surveillance portal through the FNQLHSSC website, under Areas of Intervention – Research Sector – Surveillance.


Here are the new indicators available:

3.4.13. Proportion of the population aged 65 years and over receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement Proportion of children exposed to tobacco smoke at home Distribution of the adult population according to the source of water supply Distribution of the adult population considered the main source of water supply in their home is safe Proportion of housing with mould Proportion of individuals living in crowded homes

5.2.1. Proportion of the population reporting returning to their local community

6.6.1. Distribution of the population of children who were breastfed per duration

6.10.5. Distribution of the population of children whose mothers reported having smoked during pregnancy Distribution of the adult population who has consulted a traditional healer Population distribution per level of access to health services Proportion of adult population having had their blood pressure taken Proportion of adult population with hypertension Distribution of the population per Body Mass Index (BMI) Proportion of major chronic health problems Proportion of the population victim of injuries Proportion of the population who have fallen

10.10.1. Proportion of the population having considered suicide

10.10.2. Proportion of the population having attempted to commit suicide


We would like to remind you that 52 indicators covering a wide range of determinants of health and social determinants of health are available in the surveillance portal in both languages.