Tous pour eux, 2015 Forum

Par Chantal Cleary | déc. 14, 2015

In the city of Québec, on November 3 and 4, 2015, Avenir d’enfants held the forum Tous pour eux (all in for the kids). This event rallied 550 representatives from among the 3 000 partners across Quebec who receive support from Avenir d’enfants and who work hard to ensure local mobilization around the overall development of children, from pregnancy throughout early childhood, so that each child is given a good start in life.

About 30 coordinators and partners from First Nations communities participated, with their Inuit colleagues, both in the forum and the pre-forum on Monday, November 2. The aim of the pre-forum, which explored the theme “improving the way we work together” (Comment mieux travailler ensemble), was to streamline collaboration between the communities that receive support from the FNQLHSSC as part of its agreement with Avenir d’enfants.

The coordinators attended conferences on various topics: the power of collective action and taking early action in early childhood, how to reach out to families living in poverty, parental participation in local mobilization efforts and sustainable mobilization in early childhood. In addition, the event was a prime networking opportunity and allowed participants to share their experiences with one another.

During the opening and closing remarks, members from the Mohawk and Innu nations gave testimonials and shared their insight on the place held by children in the community, the coming together of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and their commitment to early childhood—delivering their address in their respective languages: Mohawk, Innu, French and English. Afterwards, Serge Bouchard, the forum’s host, picked up where they left off, and together, they were able to raise greater awareness among participants about the lives and cultures of First Nations in Quebec.