New employees

Par Chantal Cleary | déc. 15, 2015

Alex Courtois-Guay is the newest Programmer-Analyst at the FNQLHSSC. He is a passionate young man with a college diploma in Computer Science Technology and is currently pursuing a Certificate in Computer Science at Université Laval on a part-time basis. He was hired to contribute to the creation of a new web platform to help communities and their agents manage contribution agreements. He will be with the FNQLHSSC until the end of 2016.


Benoit Aubé has been at the FNQLHSSC as a Social Economy Advisor since July 2015, to fill in for Karine Awashish, who is currently on maternity leave. He has a Bachelor of Science in Bio-Agronomy and a Master of Business Administration from Université Laval. For close to 15 years, Benoit worked in local and regional development and was involved in leading and mobilizing communities, launching start-ups and other projects—especially in social economy—and fostering economic diversification in the Centre-du-Québec and Mauricie regions. It is in this context that he first collaborated with the Odanak Abenaki Council and the Grand Council of the Waban-Aki to foster the Odanak’s development and to launch projects in several activity sectors (culture, socio-economic development, education and training, recreation, heritage, health, tourism, etc.).


Marie-France Harvey was hired as a Research Agent in August 2015, and has been mandated to complete a portrait of homelessness in First Nations communities in Quebec. Before joining forces with the FNQLHSSC, Marie-France worked as a research agent at the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation, where she researched issues relating to teaching and education in Quebec. She holds a Master’s degree from the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre, and has also studied cultural public policy and cultural entrepreneurship.


Audrey Vézina, social worker, joined the FNQLHSSC in 2009 as a Mental Health Advisor. She has a Bachelor of Social Work and a Certificate in Mental Health. Audrey has been active in the field of mental health since 2000. She worked as a mental health and crisis worker in both the provincial public system and the community-based services sector for adults experiencing mental health and/or addiction issues, problems with the law, and situations of homelessness. Since joining forces with the FNQLHSSC, she has notably served as a coordinator for the following projects: Development of a Mental Health Service Organization Model among the First Nations of Quebec (2009-2011) and Culturally-Based, Family-Centred Mental Health Promotion for Aboriginal Youth (2011-2015). Currently, and until September 2016, she will coordinate the project to conclude collaboration agreements supporting the development of a continuum of mental health and addiction services between non-agreement First Nations and the Quebec system. 


Danielle Chantal is a Huron-Wendat from the community of Wendake. After working in diabetes prevention among First Nations, she joined the FNQLHSSC as a Training Agent. She later took on the mantle of Continuing Care Program Agent, before successively assuming a variety of other functions within the organization. Since July 2015, she has been working as a Childcare and Early Childhood Centers Compliance Agent, in close collaboration with the Early Childhood Sector.


Nadia Noël joined the Social Development team in August 2015 as a Social Development Program Advisor. She has a Master of Science in Guidance Counselling and is a member of the Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du Québec (OCCOQ). The FNQLHSSC first hired Nadia a few years ago as a consultant in the context of the project to redefine services and active measures, and she is now back among our ranks!


Valérie Vennes was mandated as a Suicide, Social Crises and Family Violence Prevention Advisor in October 2015. Backed by her background in social work and her experience in youth protection, home care (for the CISSS Montérégie-Centre) and the private sector, she has joined the social services team in order to advise on and lend support to First Nations organization and community workers for the development, implementation and follow-up of local action plans for the prevention of suicide, social crises and family violence. She will also act as liaison officer between communities, provincial and federal government bodies and First Nations organizations. 


Cheryl Tenasco-Whiteduck is an Anishinabe from the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation, in Quebec. She has a college diploma in Early Childhood Education from Heritage College (Gatineau), as well as a Certificate in First Nations Special Needs in Early Childhood Education from Université du Québec à Montréal. She worked in various childcare centres across Ontario and Quebec for over 25 years. In addition, she was an elected member of Kitigan Zibi Police Department Police Council for two three-year terms, a parent member of Western Quebec School Board for Woodland School in Maniwaki, and a member of the FNQLHSSC’s First Nations Early Childhood Regional Advisory Committee for six years. She was hired as a Childcare Services Advisor in the Early Childhood Sector in August 2015.


Fanny Wylde is an Algonquin from the community of Pikogan, in Abitibi. In 2007, she became the first female lawyer from the Algonquin Nation and the first public prosecutor of the Couronne autochtone du Québec. After spending two years with the Directeur aux poursuites criminelles et pénales (Amos branch), where she worked with the itinerant court offering court services in the Hudson Bay region on Inuit territory and in the North of Quebec region on Cree territory, as well as in the regions of Amos and La Sarre, Fanny accepted a mandate from the Cree Regional Authority to, among other things, oversee the implementation of programs and services in the justice system for the benefit of the Cree Nation. Following that, she decided to join forces with her community of origin and for four years she led the entire legal department for the Abitibiwinni First Nation Council. Fanny, constantly striving to explore new professional horizons, spent more than a year at the Cain, Lamarre, Casgrain & Wells law firm, practising in criminal and penal law, family law and Aboriginal law. Finally, she joined the FNQLHSSC in September 2015 as the Justice Initiatives Advisor.


Anne-Claire Museux was hired in the summer of 2015 as a Social Development Program Advisor. Member of the Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec, Anne-Claire focuses her expertise on issues relating to competency development and knowledge transfer, social innovation through collaborative practices and the impact of relational skills on collaborative experiences. She also worked in different cultural contexts, notably in Cameroon for a centre for social action. Anne-Claire is the author of an e-learning training module on conflict prevention and resolution for interprofessional collaboration. She is also a nonviolent communication (NVC) trainer and has been following training herself for years on the different approaches to cognitive therapy (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, in Toronto). Finally, Anne-Claire collaborates with Université Laval on several projects, including for training developing and research on optimizing interprofessional development.