First symposium on early childhood in Kitcisakik

Par Chantal Cleary | avr. 07, 2016

Last November, the first symposium on early childhood was held in the community of Kitcisakik. The theme was “ODJI NITAGIYASIWIN” (On raising and educating our children).


Several speakers and experts covered a variety of topics, including child development, communication, Anishnabe culture in everyday life as it relates to Anishnabe customs, education and parental roles.


Participants appreciated the neutrality and consistency of the topics, regardless of their status as a parent or worker, which was also one of the objectives of the symposium: that parents and workers be given the same information at the same time to fully understand the same topics.


Parents expressed their appreciation for having been given a place to talk about their experiences as a parent, family, Anishnabe and member of the community.


The symposium was a great success and a first for the community of Kitcisakik and its Avenir d’enfants team.


The organizers would like to thank the funders, the FNQLHSSC and the community services for their participation. It was an event that everyone would like to see repeated!