Regional meeting on the health and social services governance project

Par Chantal Cleary | avr. 07, 2016

A regional meeting on the health and social services governance project was held at the Hotel Palace Royal in Quebec City on March 22. Nearly 40 general directors and health and social services directors were in attendance for this important day.

This meeting allowed us to achieve two objectives: to review and understand the concept of effective governance in the area of health and social services, and determine a collective process to explore and understand the additional duties and responsibilities desired by First Nations and which are currently held by federal authorities. Through workshops and plenary sessions, the participants were able to work together to achieve these objectives.

This meeting was also an opportunity to present the second phase of the project that must begin with the arrival of the new fiscal year and take place over a period of four years. Two outcomes are expected for this second phase. Firstly, we will have an effective governance model for health and social services that will meet the needs of First Nations. We will therefore have in hand a clear model describing the operating modes and presenting the feasibility studies and change agenda required to allow First Nations to make an informed decision regarding the mode of governance to be implemented. Secondly, the jurisdictions of the federal, provincial and First Nations governments will be addressed head on in order to clarify any grey areas surrounding responsibilities. These jurisdictional conflicts generate real problems in the communities and it is necessary to work on them immediately. These issues will be addressed as part of the governance project through the partners committee which accepted to extend its mandate to the resolution of these conflicts.

The FNQLHSSC would like to invite you to follow the next steps that are associated with the governance project as well as the publication of the summary report for the meeting on March 22.


  • Chiefs’ Assembly meeting on April 28, 2016
  • Partners committee meeting
  • Half-day for the pre-AGA with a theme focused on the integration of culture into the health and social services governance