Strategic Plan


Since the adoption of the 2007-2017 Quebec First Nations Health and Social Services Blueprint by the AFNQL Chiefs in 2007, the FNQLHSSC has developed and implemented three strategic plans to support the achievement of the Blueprint’s targets and contribute to the well-being of the First Nations communities. 

The FNQLHSSC is accountable to its Board of Directors and to the Chiefs of the AFNQL. Further to its work in defending First Nations’ interests in the area of health and social services, its primary mandate is to support Quebec First Nations communities in the planning, development and delivery of culturally adapted and preventive health and social services programs, while also working to improve these services and access to them. 

At present, the FNQLHSSC is working actively to develop its 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. In that regard, over the past several months, it has been consulting its clientele and partners, including the health and social services directors network and various community resources.

The information that is obtained will assist the FNQLHSSC in formulating its organizational priorities and in establishing strategic objectives for purposes of carrying out its future mandates according to the individual and collective needs of the First Nations communities and organizations.