Access to services

The health of First Nations’ members is in a more precarious state than the health of the Canadian or Quebec population. Structural transformations must be made to remedy the existing disparities and allow First Nations to hope for a better future based on the delivery of effective health and social services that meet their needs.

Available assistance

  • Continuing care: allows people with chronic or acute illnesses to receive nursing and personal care, assistance for meal preparation and light housecleaning, as well as other in-home services
  • Assisted living : provides funding for non-medical social support services that meet the needs of older persons, adults with chronic illnesses, and children and adults with disabilities, in order to enhance their levels of independent living.
  • Access ton non-insured health benefits: allows payment of certain medications and medical services that are not covered by a private insurance plan or the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.