Illnesses and injuries

Cancer control

The latest statistics show an increase in cancer among the populations of the Aboriginal communities in recent years. That is why we have made the following tools available to the First Nations communities.

  • Cancer Info-kit for First Nations of Quebec
  • Together, let’s fight against cancer

Diabetes prevention and treatment

Diabetes is 3 to 5 times more present in First Nations communities than in the rest of Quebec and Canada. In this context, we offer resources for interveners in the areas of professional support and healthy lifestyle promotion.

  • Professional support services for interveners
  • Tools for prevention, screening and healthy lifestyle promotion

Injury prevention

Injuries, whether intentional or non-intentional, are the main cause of death among Quebec First Nations members under the age of 50. The FNQLHSSC offers documentation, assistance for developing an injury prevention plan and a referral service for specialized resources.