Injury Prevention

Injuries, whether they are intentional (suicide, self-mutilation, violence, abuse, etc.) or unintentional (falls, motor vehicle accidents, drowning, etc.), are the leading cause of death among First Nations in Quebec under the age of 50. In most cases, such injuries could be avoided.

Traumas which occur and cause injuries depend on complex interactions between various individual, environmental and social factors. A number of adverse conditions put First Nations at a greater risk of sustaining injuries. For example, the socio-economic context, drug and alcohol abuse, prevalence of violence and the state of infrastructure all contribute to the occurrence of intentional and unintentional injuries.

Our Services

The First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC) provides support to any community which requests such support to develop interventions designed to prevent injuries, for example:

  • Assistance in developing an injury prevention action plan;
  • Referral services to specialized resources;
  • Reference material
  • Etc.