What is Jordan’s Principle? 

Named in memory of Jordan River Anderson, Jordan's Principle aims to ensure that ALL First Nations children, regardless of their place of residence or condition, have access to the services they require to support their development and meet their needs.

Jordan's Principle is administered by the Government of Canada, which prioritizes the best interests of the child by covering the costs for services in the areas of health, social services and education to meet the needs that current programs do not meet.

Jordan's Principle is applied on the principle of substantive equality to enable First Nations children to receive additional assistance when necessary to obtain adequate services. This makes it possible to go beyond provincial services when these are insufficient. For example, if a waiting list is too long for a given service, Jordan's Principle allows the child to access this service in the private sector without delay.

In summary, if a child has a need in the areas of health, social services and education, Jordan's Principle can cover the costs of services!

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