Physical Activity

The FNQLHSSC offers professional support services as well as many tools to promote healthy lifestyles for First Nations.  

Professional Support Services

The FNQLHSSC works in collaboration with First Nations health workers to develop and implement strategies to promote healthy lifestyles.

The Commission provides the necessary support to implement the Kirano program in the communities and to give training to health workers with the help of nutritionists and physical activity specialists.

Finally, the FNQLHSSC encourages communications between First Nations and resources specialized in the area of diabetes prevention. The FNQLHSSC’s may refer the health workers to organizations and resources which are specialized in this area.

Tools Developed by the FNQLHSSC

The FNQLHSSC has developed many tools to support health workers in their efforts to promote healthy lifestyles within the communities. 

Kirano Project

Kirano, which means “us” in Atikamekw, was created to promote healthy lifestyles in First Nations communities.

The idea is simple: for 8 weeks, candidates participate in an intensive training program under the close supervision of qualified and motivating trainers and nutritionists.

For more information about the Kirano Project and to inquire about the various steps involved in its implementation, please consult the Kirano Implementation Guide and contact the FNQLHSSC’s Program Agent - Healthy Lifestyle.

Kirano Chic Choc Clips


The FNQLHSSC has filmed 2 video clips to promote the Kirano Project among the youth:

  • Short version;
  • Long version.