Research Sector

The First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC)’s Research Sector carries out research projects and conducts evaluations. It is also involved in First Nations’ health status surveillance and health status determinants.

The Research Sector is self-governing and independent from the academic world, which enables it to target and define needs that are specific to First Nations and to develop research projects to meet those needs.

Research Areas

The Research Sector helps develop local initiatives and skills. Its activities focus on 3 areas:

It conducts its work with complete respect for First Nations local economy, based on two complementary approaches:

  • It benefits from the involvement of First Nations experts in its projects;
  • It works in collaboration with specialists from the scientific community, from the federal and provincial departments as well as from regional and national First Nations organizations.

Its multidisciplinary team aims to increase knowledge in the areas of health, social services, social development and child development.

Regional information governance and management Framework (Schema)

Research Ethics

All Research Sector activities are conducted within the framework recommended by the principles of ownership, control, access and possession of information and the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Research Protocol.

This document is designed to provide a better outline for good practice in research conducted on First Nations territories and help the communities to refine their local code of ethics.